Our Fees.

Below are the fees you will pay for our comprehensive ConciergeAdvice℠ service. These fees include all the services as described on our Tour page. It’s often tough for someone just starting their career to afford a typical financial advisor. We have designed our model so that anyone can afford a financial advisor regardless of where they are in their financial lifecycle.

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Up to $500,000

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No recurring deposit required

Fees based on average daily account balance

$500,000 to $1,000,000

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No recurring deposit required

Fees based on average daily account balance

Over $1,000,000

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No recurring deposit required

Fees based on average daily account balance

Our Fees vs. Other Advisors

The table below shows the total fees paid by our clients versus what the rest of the industry charges their clients.

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Source: Michael Kitces, Bob Veres, 2017 Planning Profession Fee Survey, Inside Information. "Total Fees" includes the advisor's fee, the custodian/platform/trading fees, and the underlying investment fees.

The value that we add is greater than what we charge

Research shows that the typical advisor can increase a client's wealth by more than our total fees.

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Source: Michael Kitces, Bob Veres, 2017 Planning Profession Fee Survey, Inside Information.
Vanguard Study | Morningstar Study | Envestnet Study

We keep our investment costs low to keep more money in your pocket

98% of all advisors chose investments more expensive than the ones we chose for our clients. Our blended expense ratio is a low 0.17%.

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Sources: Morningstar’s Alpha, Beta, and now…Gamma (Blanchett & Kaplan, 2013), Vanguard’s Advisor’s Alpha (Kinniry Jr., Jaconetti, DiJoseph, Zilbering, & Bennyhoff, 2016), Envestnet’s Capital Sigma (Envestnet | PMC’s Quantitative Research Group, 2016)

* A minimum advisory fee of $199 per quarter applies if the fee calculated is lower than $199 per quarter. Our ConciergeAdvice fees are conveniently deducted quarterly in arrears from your investment account(s) should you choose to transfer your investment account(s) to our third-party custodian and have us manage them for you. Should you choose us to manage any of your investment account(s), there are additional brokerage fees charged by our custodian and these are deducted from your investment account(s) on a quarterly basis also in arrears. The brokerage fees are based on the average daily asset balance in your account(s) under our management for each quarterly billing period. The brokerage fees are 0.25% annually for the first $500,000 in your investment account(s), 0.15% annually for balances between $500,000 and $1,000,000 and 0.05% annually for balances above $1,000,000. There are additional fees charged by some of the underlying investments. We strive hard to keep these underlying fees down by choosing individual stocks where appropriate and low cost exchange traded funds (ETFs) and these underlying fees are currently a low 0.17% annually for the average client portfolio. Occasionally, SRO and other market fees may also apply. The annual advisory fees on client account balances over $1,000,000 are negotiable and are based on the specific circumstances and services expected to be required for that particular client. These negotiable fees will vary from client to client.

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