redefining wealth management

Imagine a financial advisor that is competent, ethical, charitable, exclusive, and available at a price much less than the typical wealth manager. That vision is now a reality. We have designed a ground-breaking wealth management delivery concept that allows us to offer complete wealth management services while embracing the belief that the client comes first. All of this is available from experienced advisors that understand that clients are family and this business is more than growth and profits.

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We are 100% independent and operated by the founders and owners who all serve as advisors. There is no home office directing our operations and all the decisions are made locally by the management team. Compare that to Merrill Lynch, Ameriprise, Edward Jones, Raymond James, etc.

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We have chosen to be organized and licensed as registered investment advisors which makes us a fiduciary. This means we must place our client’s interests ahead of our own in all matters. This is the same relationship that you trust with your doctor and attorney.

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Available to every client is a comprehensive financial plan covering retirement planning, investment planning, goal planning, insurance/risk management, college savings planning, budgeting, cash flow planning, debt management, and more. An annual update is included.

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team concept

We utilize a “team concept” to serve all of our ConciergeAdvice℠ clients. We have an Investment Committee* to manage and assess the portfolios and their holdings. This committee meets quarterly to review our clients' investments and make sure they are on track to meet their goals and objectives.

Please refer to our Form ADV - Part 2 for important disclosures on how we protect your personal information from being shared with other firms represented on the Investment Committee. This document is available on our website or a hard copy is available upon request.

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We believe that successful wealth management firms can grow too large for their clients and no longer provide the proper level of services that clients deserve. We will never let that happen at our firm and we are committed to closing our practice once we get to a total of 100 ConciergeAdvice℠ wealth management clients.

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conflict free

We have made a concerted effort to minimize conflicts of interest in the conventional delivery of financial advice. From using no-load funds to charging our clients a convenient asset based rate not a commission or hidden fees that the client never sees. It’s imperative to place the needs of the client first.

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It’s often tough for someone just starting their career to afford a typical financial advisor. On the flip side, those with a significant nest egg often pay significantly more for financial advice. We have designed our model so that anyone can afford a financial advisor regardless of where they are in their financial lifecycle.

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Insurance plays a role for many clients. However, the industry is designed around the commission model and we are dedicated to removing all conflicts of interest. To that end, we are committed to a philanthropic goal of eventually donating 100% of all insurance profits to charity.

reinventing investment advice

We are sometimes mistaken as mad scientists who blend the art and science of investing. From using the latest modern portfolio theories for managing your portfolio to pursuing painstaking efforts to reduce cost, be assured that we care about your account. We even have investments in the exact same place as our clients do. It's time for all advisors to put their money where their mouth is...

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Paperless Account Opening

Complete online account opening and account transfer process. Generally zero paperwork required.

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Professional Portfolio Design

Advanced financial profiling tool based on Nobel prize winning research to build the best set of investments for your personal situation.

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Portfolio Monitoring & Trading

We handle the portfolio monitoring and trading so you can rest easy knowing that a professional is keeping an eye on your money.

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Rebalancing Discipline

We follow a disciplined approach to keeping your account near its target. This can add an extra 0.59% to your account returns. 1

  1. If you’re a geek like we are, you most likely want to read the research article here.

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Online Client Account Access

Online access to your accounts, monthly statements, tax documents, and much more. Plus, a Blog for explaining our investments

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Real People With Real Advice

Unlike online brokers, you’ll always have a dedicated professional available to help you. We care about your investments and have money invested the same way!

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Convenient Automatic Billing

Our fees are conveniently deducted from your account(s) each quarter so no need to receive bills and send in checks.

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Advisors Who Are Fiduciairies

What? This just means that we will always place your interests above ours. Kind of like what doctors and lawyers do.

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Geeks Behind The Curtains

Our portfolio managers are actual engineers who love what they do and apply modern science (and a bit of art) to managing your portfolios.

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